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Watercolour Horse Portrait

How to commission a horse portrait

I am so happy that you have found my website and I am really excited to help you realise your dreams of owning a unique piece of equestrian art. I would be delighted to work with you to create your ideal equine portrait.

It is a really simple and fun process to commisson an original horse portrait painting or drawing from The Horse Artist. I work from your photographs and can suggest the ideal composition and medium to use if you think you need help with this.

We all know what special animals horses are and how much they mean to us in our lives, whether a family pet or a competition partner, and I can provide you with a forever cherished dedication to your equine partner. Speak to me today!
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Pastel Drawing Portraits
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Oil Painting Portraits
Find out more about how to commission a unique oil painting portrait of your horse
Charcoal Drawing Portraits
Speak to me today to create a bespoke portrait in charcoal or pencil

How much does a horse portrait painting or drawing cost?

Commissioning a horse painting is an exciting experience offering you the chance to collaborate with me to produce a unique piece of artwork that not only describes your equine partnership, but also looks great in your home. A treasured gift for yourself or a loved one. A horse portrait is not just a piece of art, it's a timeless testament to the bond you share with your equine companion.

Horse Portrait Prices for a Single Portrait

My prices start at £525 for a pastel portrait of one head and neck drawing on complementary plain coloured pastelmat surface measuring 12" x 16".

What is the Process of a Horse Painting or Drawing Commission?

  • Initital Consultation

I work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences. Whether you want a realistic oil painting or something with an, impressionistic portrayal, I can tailor my approach to your desires.

  • Your Portrait Painting or Drawing Begins

Once we have decided on a suitable composition I will be ready to start working on your portrait. I can give you regular updates or you can wait for a big reveal once it is completed.

  • How Long Will a Portrait Commission Take?
The quickest I can turnaround a portrait around is about 2 weeks, but this depends on how many other bookings I have and which medium your portrait is being created in. Pastel drawings and graphite drawings are the quickest. Oil paintings take much longer due to the long drying process.
  • Can you frame my portrait painting?
Yes. I have access to many colours, shapes and sizes and can choose a frame to match other frames you have in your home or to complement your new artwork.
  • Artist Nameplate
I also can provide a beautiful gold or aluminium nameplate to add any description of your choice. A great way to remember a special horse or event.
  • Secure Shipping or Collect From my Studio
I ship worldwide and welcome collections too! Speak to me at the time of booking if you require shipping outside of the UK.
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More than one subject?

I can create a wonderful portrait of more than one horse, I would however need to take a look at your available photos so that I can plan a suitable composition using the available reference photographs.
I can then give you a price quote and suitable artwork size. 

Plain or detailed Background?

My prices on this page are for a plain background, I will choose a heavyweight pastel paper to compliment your horses colouring or you can specify a colour if you have other portraits to match.

If you would like a detailed background then please let me know and I would be happy to quote for it.

Can you Frame my portrait?

Yes! I am happy to organise framing of your portrait so that it is ready to hang up when it arrives.

Any Questions?

If you would like to chat about a commission please click the button below to contact me.
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