Welcome to the art gallery by Georgina Leigh

Here you will find my pet portraits, dog portraits, horse portraits, cat portraits and more!

Portrait Drawing of two people
Portrait Drawing of Choc Labrador
Gypsy Cob Painting
Bay Horse Portrait Painting
Four Horse Portrait Painting
Bay Arab Portrait Painting
Oil Painting of Two Horses
Bay Horse Painting
Pony Portrait Drawing
Bay Horse Portrait
Bay Horse and Black Cat
Showjumping Painting
Pony Pastel Drawing
Haya Alrabban and Cuando Z
Greyhound Portrait
Pheasant Pastel Portrait
Chestnut Horse Pastel
Grey Horse Painting
Bay Horse Pastel Portrait
Horse Portrait Painting
Horse Drawing
Eventing Drawing
Pastel on Pastel Mat Paper
Pastel on Pastel Mat Paper
Pastel on Pastel Mat Paper
Pastel Pencil on Pastelmat
Pastel Pencil on Pastelmat
Pastel Pencil on Pastelmat
Oil On Canvas 3ft
Ben Hobday and Willberry at Badminton Horse Trials 2016
Pastel drawing of chestnut foal
Oil Painting of Sylvia Lochs Iberian Horses
Painting of cross country eventing horse
Pastel drawing of chestnut horse
Pencil Portrait of a horse
Acrylic painting of a bay horse
Jess Bennett and JB Dukaat Dressage horse
Pastel drawing of a grey horse
Painting of Dan Watson dressage horse
Painting of showjumping horse
Pastel drawing of black labrador cross
Acrylic painting of a bay horse
Oil painting of a Spanish PRE horse
Painting of a grey horse
oil painting of a labradoodle
pastel drawing of a collie dog
Oil painting of an elephant
Watercolour of zebras running through water
painting of a fox
Pastel drawing of a french bulldog
pencil drawing of a black labrador
oil painting of a jack russell
pencil drawing of a cavapoo
pencil drawing of a collie
pastel drawing of two newfoundland dogs
Oil painting of a norfolk terrier
Oil painting of a norfolk terrier
oil painting of a pheasant
drawing of two jack russells lying down
Watercolour of black labrador
A lurcher dog in a chair
pastel drawing of a terrier and italian greyhound
drawing of two lurcher dogs
Drawing of a terrier wearing a bow-tie
Painting of a stag
Pastel drawing of a beagle
Pony Portrait Drawing
Pastel Pencil on Pastelmat
Gypsy Cob Painting

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