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About Georgina Leigh 'The Horse Artist'

Hello, and thank you so much for visiting my website, I hope you like what you see!

I am Georgina Leigh and I live in the beautiful city of Bath, UK.
As you can probably tell, I love art and I love much so, that I felt compelled to join my two passions and create my pseudonym 'The Horse Artist'!
Most of the commissions I get asked to paint are indeed of horses but I do love painting and drawing other animals including dogs, and I have enjoyed capturing many breeds, colours, shapes and sizes over the years.

So where did it all begin? I grew up in the Oxfordshire Countryside surrounded by fields and animals and not much else, which was fine with me! I had a couple of dogs and ponies, and chickens and ducks as well as our great hunting cat, who liked to sleep all day and work all night.
I liked to draw and scribble from an early age and would often copy photos from 'Horse and Hound Magazine' of the wonderful dressage horses, eventers and show ponies, and even on occasions, the odd Disney character for friends (Dumbo being my most favourite - I can see him now clutching his lucky feather!)

My passion for drawing really took off at school where I was lucky enough to have a very inspirational teacher, who made all our art lessons fun (at least that what I thought - maybe everyone else thought they were boring?) I continued my love of art through higher education going on to Art College in Bath where I studied for 3 years, returning to Oxford and working as a Graphic Designer for a few years and then coming back to Bath with a couple of children and a crazy husband (he won't mind that 
comment I can assure you!). Now with 3 children and the same crazy husband, I am filling my time to capacity with painting and drawing, being a mum (and a not very efficient house cleaner - sorry family), riding my beautiful Spanish PRE accompanied by our faithful Cavapoo dog, so pretty much everything I did as a child, minus the looking after children and pretending to be an adult! I have a lot to be thankful for :)

As for my art, I also love to offer my skills to charities and have been involved creating artwork for Willberry Wonderpony and I have painted horse scultpures for World Horse Welfare for their London, Windsor and Ascot art trail, where I was also invited to meet lots of lovely people including celebrities and Royals. Nothing makes me happier than to make other people happy and if I can do that by creating something art skills then that is the best feeling in the world! I have many happy customers and many repeat customers, so I think that I might be doing something right! 

I would love to hear from you, so please get in touch if you would like to know more about commissioning a drawing or painting, or if you are unsure if your photos are clear enough to obtain a fantastic piece of forever art. I am happy to discuss any project large or small!









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