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How to Choose Art to Decorate your Home

Georgina -  4 Apr 2019 11:00:00 Other articles...

Have you ever wanted to invest in artwork for your home, but are at a loss as to what styles, colours and subjects to choose?


In this post I will try and give you a few ideas and help boost your confidence about choosing a suitable piece of art for your walls. Don't be scared, if you stick to a few of these simple rules, your home will look super impressive and you will have some fantastic pieces of art for that all important talking point for your dinner parties!


What colour walls go with what colours in paintings?


Rule 1.

Similar Hues

Similar coloured hues are picked out in the painting. Blues, charcoal and creams are mirrored in the cushions and bedding, giving a calm and uniform feeling. Also, this subject matter of a dog relaxing in blankets, is really suitable for a bedroom, where a busy painting with an energetic subject might not help with soothing you into sweet dreams!
A Jack Russell dog original oil painting, private commission by Georgina Leigh.



Rule 2.

Complimentary Shades



A Stronger wall colour can look really contemporary, whether a complete wall or an accent wall. This painting has been chosen to show how complimentary colours can look great together. The strong blues, being opposite on the colour wheel to the strong orange. A nice touch is that the beige dog, also has some strong orange highlights in his coat, bringing the whole scheme together. 
Oil on canvas painting of two lurchers enjoying their beach play. Private Commission by Georgina Leigh.


In an art gallery, artworks are most often seen displayed on 'gallery white' walls, this is to try and display each piece with no distractions or influences. This does make it very hard however to try and visualise what an artwork might look like in a domestic setting.


Rule 3.

Keep it Neutral


Monochrome work, such as charcoals, drawings, or etchings work are great and are always easy to hang in most settings. Here you can see a graphite and charcoal drawing of horses framed in a black wooden frame to compliment the art.
Original graphite and charcoal drawing by Georgina Leigh of two New Forest ponies tussling for the win.



Rule 4.

Matchy Matchy


In the horse world there is such a thing as 'Matchy Matchy'. This is where die hard equestrian fashionistas choose matching outfits and accessories for themselves and their horses, so that they look and feel completely at one and coordinated whilst they school their horses for 20 minutes...usually at home, with no-one to see their efforts apart from a few disgruntled liveries and a couple of old crows..that's the bird's by the way, not the decrepid and grumpy neighbouring farmers wife.
Anyway I digress, there is such a thing as matching your artwork with features, objects or colours within the room, and it can look very effective indeed.

Matching the rustic browns and oranges of Mr Fox, and the greens of the oppulent Mr Pheasant, with the striking green cabinet and rust velvet chair.
Prints of 'Fox Study' and 'Pheasant Study' from original paintings on Linen Canvas by Georgina Leigh.




Rule 5.

Repeat Repeat Repeat

Repeating similar subjects in similar colours is very effective and can add impact to smaller pieces of art. This is also a great way to start a collection of original art, affordably.

I hope this has given you some pointers about choosing works of art for your own walls. Why not take a look in my shop at my original art for sale, prints which can be framed in a choice of colours, or how about commission your own work of art from a photo or a selection of photos. Horses and dog paintings are my speciality but I really enjoy a challenge and would really love to create for you, something that you have always dreamed of.


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