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How to commission a horse portrait
commissioning a horse portrait is really straightforward process, I am happy to chat with you about the process and work with you to produce the artwork of your dreams.

Commission a Horse Portrait
Commission a Horse Portrait
Commission a Horse Portrait
Commission a Horse Portrait
Commission a Horse Portrait
Commission a Horse Portrait

Commission a Stunning Horse Portrait in Pastel by Georgina Leigh, 'The Horse Artist'

Are you in search of a unique and exquisite way to capture the beauty and spirit of your beloved horse? Look no further! Georgina Leigh, renowned as 'The Horse Artist,' is here to transform your equine companion into a mesmerizing work of art. With her exceptional talent in pastel art, she can craft a horse portrait that will not only captivate your heart but also be an exquisite addition to your home. In this guide, we will take you through the steps to commission a breathtaking horse portrait by Georgina Leigh.

Why Choose Georgina Leigh, 'The Horse Artist'?

Georgina Leigh, also known as 'The Horse Artist,' is a passionate and experienced artist specialising in equine art. Her dedication to capturing the unique personality and beauty of horses is unparalleled. Here's why you should consider commissioning her for your horse portrait:

  1. Expertise 

    With years of experience, Georgina has perfected the art of capturing the essence and details of horses in pastel.

  2. Personalised Artistry

    Each of her horse portraits is custom-made, ensuring your vision and your horse's unique qualities are reflected in the artwork.

  3. Attention to Detail 

    Georgina pays meticulous attention to every detail, from the horse's coat to their expressive eyes, ensuring a lifelike representation.

  4. Quality Materials

    She uses high-quality pastels, surfaces and archival materials to create artwork that stands the test of time.

  5. Passion for Horses

    Georgina's understanding of, and passion for, horses shines through her work, making her an ideal choice for capturing the complete equine spirit and reflecting your horse or pony in a lifelike representation. 

The Pastel Horse Portrait Commissioning Process:

  1. Initial Consultation

    • The journey begins with a consultation with Georgina. Share your vision, preferences, and any reference photos you have of your horse.
    • Discuss the size, style, and any specific details you want to emphasise in your portrait.
  2. Reference Material

    • Share high-quality reference photos of your horse. Georgina may ask for multiple photos to capture various angles and characteristics.
  3. Price Quotation

    • Georgina will provide you with a personalised quote based on the size, complexity, and other factors of your desired portrait.
  4. Approval of Sketch

    • Georgina will create a preliminary sketch for your approval. This stage allows for any necessary adjustments before proceeding to the final artwork.
  5. Creation of the Portrait

    • Once the sketch is approved, Georgina will start working on your horse portrait.
  6. Progress Updates

    • Georgina will provide regular updates if you wish, allowing you to see your portrait evolve.
  7. Finishing Touches

    • After the main artwork is completed, Georgina will add final details and finishing touches to ensure your portrait is a true likeness and that you are 100% happy with your finished portrait.
  8. Framing

    • Should you wish to recieve your portrait ready to hang, Georgina can consult with you to choose a suitable frame to match the portrait and your home.
  9. Delivery

    • Your finished horse portrait will be carefully packaged and delivered to your doorstep, ready to be displayed and cherished.

Commissioning a horse portrait in pastel by Georgina Leigh, 'The Horse Artist,' is not just a purchase but a journey of capturing the spirit of your equine companion in a timeless work of art. Her passion, dedication, and exceptional talent make her the ideal choice for horse enthusiasts and art lovers alike. Contact Georgina today to embark on the adventure of creating a unique equine masterpiece that will be cherished for generations to come.

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