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"Georgina is the most talented animal artist. When it comes to horses, she painted all 3 of my top schoolmasters and made the canvas come alive with her vibrancy and observant eye for every detail. She has also captured the spirit of my horses... I shall always be grateful. Don’t hesitate to get your own beloved horse portrayed by her... you won’t regret it."
Sylvia Loch
"Received a picture of my 2 horses for my 40th birthday present and it is brilliant! Made me cry, their personalities and features are captured brilliantly!"
Kate Penny
"Georgina, is an exceptional artist! I came to her with a very short time scale to try to get a picture for my Mums birthday. When the big day came mum was completely overcome with emotion that her three fallen heroes, all from different points in her life spanning over 30 years, had been captured so perfectly and together."
Emma McGlinch
Racehorse Painting
Oil Paintings
I can use your favourite photos to create original fine art oil paintings, painted on quality canvas that are a great talking point for any dinner party or occassion.
The Three Kings Painting
Pastel Drawings
A beautiful traditional photorealistic portrait of your horse or pony in pastel pencil on pastelmat from your own photographs, multiple horses an option!
Horse Galloping Drawing
Charcoal Drawings
Original monochrome charcoal and pencil drawings for a contemporary look for any room setting. I can create bespoke artwork to fit your spaces.
Original Horse Paintings

Professional Horse Portraits for all Occassions.

Why settle for ordinary when you can cherish an extraordinary piece of art that immortalises the bond you share with your horse? Whether it's a contemporary portrait for your home, a heartfelt gift for a fellow horse enthusiast, or a cherished keepsake for yourself, my bespoke horse portrait commissions are designed to bring beauty, memories and personality to any setting.

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Welcome to Georgina Leigh's pet portraits and the home of
'The Horse Artist'

Georgina is a UK based equestrian artist specialising in horse portraits and animal paintings, with a real passion for equestrian art.

Her dog portraits and horse paintings are very popular and she has her artwork on the walls of homes all over the UK, Europe, Asia and USA.

She is available for pet portrait commissions and works directly from your photographs. Her style is predominantly realistic or photorealism, but she also employs impressionist techniques in her portraits particularly to show horses in motion. She produces beautiful pastel horse portraits as well as oil painting portraits of horses in action or traditional head and shoulder portrait paintings, from your own photographs.

She would love to turn your favourite photo or photos into a timeless portrait of your most loved animals and pets.

She is happy painting traditional photorealistic head portraits, full body portraits as well as action scenes with beautiful artist expression of movement to bring the scene alive. 
Get in touch with Georgina today to commission a memorable portrait to mark your cherished moments!

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So thrilled with the portrait!
Georgina has captured my friend's late horse perfectly. A treasured memory.
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How can I get a portrait of my horse painted?

Easily commission a hand drawn horse portrait painting, pastel portrait or pencil drawing of your horse.

Georgina captures the beauty and personality of each horse with stunning realism and attention to detail. Using high-quality materials and techniques, Georgina creates one-of-a-kind pieces that will be treasured for years to come.

Whether you're looking for a portrait of your beloved horse or a thoughtful gift for a fellow equestrian, Georgina can help bring your vision to life. With years of experience and a passion for horses, Georgina is dedicated to creating artwork that truly captures the essence of each horse.

So why wait? Contact Georgina today to commission a beautiful portrait painting from photos and give your horse the recognition it deserves!

How to commission a horse portrait painting or drawing

Commissioning your own pet portrait couldn't be easier. If you have a clear photo of the animal (or animals) that you would like painted or drawn then you can happily leave the rest up to me or we can work together to produce a portrait of your dreams.

I work in oil paints, pastel pencils, watercolour, and graphite and my portraits can be any size you like, so if you have always dreamed of having your beloved pet or favourite animal immortilised on canvas or paper to fit a particular place in your home, then let me know and we can discuss exactly how you would like it to look.

I can also paint or draw groups, so if you have several animals that you would like in the same portrait then get in touch and we can discuss a suitable composition. I can work from seperate photos to create a portrait featuring your entire animal family on one canvas.


"the higher definition the photo is - the more detailed the portrait will be"

I cannot emphasise enough that the quality of the reference photo dictates the amount of detail that I can portray in your portrait, so the higher definition the photo - the more detailed the portrait will be! To learn more about taking your own animal portrait photos please see my handy guide to taking great animal portrait photographs.

How long does a portrait painting commission take?

I spend many hours working on each commission, I never deem a portrait finished until my customer has seen a photo of their artwork and agrees that I have represented their pet in its true likeness, based upon the supplied photographs. So whether you are interested in dog portraits, cat portraits, horse portraits or another pet or favourite animal, I will keep you involved in the process from start to finish, or if you prefer to wait until it's completed and ready for viewing just let me know.

I also offer a framing service and have access to many frames in varying sizes, textures and colours, so that your portrait leaves me 'ready to hang'. You can see more about framing your pet portrait HERE

Not sure which animal or which photo to use? Perhaps you know someone who would love a personal portrait but would prefer to choose their own reference photographs?

Gift vouchers are available for any amount, perfect for gifting a portrait commission or if you think your recipient would like to choose their own reference photos. 

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