All portraits can be framed whether they are oil paintings on stretched canvas or pastel drawings on pastel mat.

If you don't wish to receive your completed portrait framed, this is completely up to you, although I would recommend that pastel and charcoal drawings are framed at your earliest convenience due to the fragility of the medium. I would recommend receiving your pastel drawings framed and double mounted. I can help you with this and my prices are very competitive and I have access to a wide range of frame styles to suit any interior and any portrait!

I can also offer beautiful gift boxes for unframed drawings, which enables you to present the perfect gift to a loved one, and allow them the time to choose a frame to suit their home. So no need to worry, if you don't wish to frame your portrait immediately. The boxes are sturdy and will come lined with tissue and a protective layer for the drawing, which helps keep it perfect!

Presentation Box

Should you wish to wait until a later date to frame your artwork, you have the option of a presentation box.

These are great if you are giving a drawing as a gift.

These boxes are particularly suitable for the graphite and pastel drawings, and the smaller oil paintings on canvas paper (up to and including A3).

The boxes are very sturdy and are specially made for the presentation of artworks. If you are not framing your artwork I would strongly recommend these boxes as they will keep your drawing safe and smudge free, and also protect your precious artwork whilst it is out for delivery.

The boxes are lined with matching black tissue paper and the box is tied with silver grey ribbon. Perfect for a quality gift!

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