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Pet Portrait Pricing Guide 

In order for me to paint or draw a beautiful portrait of your pet, I will need a good quality photograph (or several photographs), taken in good light and showing lots of detail!
See my '
Tips On Taking Great Pet Portrait Photographs' page for more information on what makes an ideal art reference photograph.
A photo that reflects your pet's personality and in a pose that you would like recreated onto canvas or paper would be ideal! If you have several photos and are unsure which ones to choose I am happy to advise you.

It is important to note that the more detailed the photograph, the more realistic the painting!

I require a 50% deposit to begin your artwork, with the balance payable once you are happy with your completed portrait. (I will keep you updated with your portrait's progress by email, showing you images of the completed portrait for your approval). I will then securely package and send out your painting or drawing to you.

Price guide for standard sizes

Any size portrait is possible, so these prices are just a guide.
I love a challenge and am happy taking on any of your ideas! 
Please contact me if you would like a quote for a specific size.


(All prices quoted are for a single head and shoulders on a plain background)

Black and White (Graphite Pencil Drawings)

A4 pencil/graphite drawing on hot press watercolour paper: £180.

A3 pencil/graphite drawing on hot press watercolour paper: £200.

Colour Pastel Drawings

21cm x 30cm pastel on pastel mat paper: £200.

30cm x 40cm pastel on pastel mat paper: £250.


Oil Paintings

Popular sizes (contact me for a quote for any other size).
16"x12": £1200.
20"x16": £1800.

24"x18": £2400.

For larger sizes please contact me with your requirements.

For additional 'subjects' in the same painting please 
contact me for further information and prices.
For scenic backgrounds please contact me for further information and prices.


If you would like your portrait framed and delivered 'ready to hang', then I can help you with that!
I can either choose something to suit the drawing or painting, or you can specify exactly what you want to suit your decor.
Please see my page 'Framing your Portrait' for more information.


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