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Do you say football or soccer?

Not that it matters, your valentine won't be able to think about anything else but love once they receive this card!

This is the best valentine card you can give any football fan, or any soccer fan for that matter.
A football filled with love, hearts bubbling over and bursting at the seams.
It doesn't matter that the keeper of this heart filled football has failed to save the goal..he or she has let the love into their net that's all that matters!

The card is supplied with a matching ruby red envelope and is polywrapped for good measure.

(The watermarks on the web images are not on the printed card).

For that extra special person, the card can be customised with the name of your valentine! Just select 'Custom Name' in the drop down box and type the name of your loved one in the box. Easy as doing 1 keepy uppy!

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