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"As for this painting... Words fail me! My wonderful horses who inspired me over my journey during the last few decades. Clever Georgina Leigh you captured them perfectly! I LOVE the painting and those horses live in my heart! Thank you Georgina.... they are absolutely THEM! Prazer says thank you for the others who have now crossed the Rainbow Bridge. But they were around on the day... I know". Sylvia Loch - founder of the Classical Riding Club.

"Georgina did an oil painting of a horse of mine who had recently passed away in a freak accident. He was quite young so I didn't have great reference photos, but she has absolutely brought him to life.
The painting hangs in pride of place in my living room where I can see him and everyone who sees it tears up a bit and is shocked at how exactly his expression and personality has been captured. It's a little piece of him I will always have and I can't imagine anyone doing a better job". Rose

"I had been wanting a portrait of my much missed horse and am so glad I entrusted Georgina with the task of painting him. I love my oil painting, it brings him to life and has pride of place on my living room wall where I look at it every day". Elizabeth

"Georgina has painted both our Norwich Terriers - to fantastic effect. She captures not only their likeness, but also their character. The paintings have pride of place at home and never fail to attract compliments and raise smiles. Thank you, Georgina, for your wonderful gift". Fiona
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